Computer Basics

What are computer? and how do we use them?

Dell Desktop

At the simplest level a computer is a tool that allows us to perform tasks as-well simply tasks in our day to day life, computers can come in a number of sizes and shapes, such as the traditional desktop computer, a portable laptop, as-well as tablets and phones. for this lesson we will be looking at desktop & laptop computers.

Have a look at the pieces that make up a desktop, Its got a screen or TV also called a monitor that you use to see what your doing, a keyboard in front of the screen, you'll recognize the keyboard as it has all the letters of the alphabet on it also include our 0-9 number keys and some unique keys well talk about later. Next to the keyboard to your right you'll see the computer mouse the first thing you'll notice is the 2 buttons facing away from you, these are called the left and right click buttons and they allow you to interact with buttons and object on the computer screen, to move mouse just place your hand on it and gently slide it around the desk. The final part of a desktop computer is the case (The computer its self) depending on the computer your at till typically be located behind the screen, next to the screen or on the ground below the desk, this is the brains of the desktop most desktops will also have a power button on the front of the case, have look at the one in front of you, see if there is a big button, this is how we turn the machine on if its not already. if the computer is currently turned on great! there is no need to press the on/off button.

Typing & Keyboards

Take a look at a the keyboard in front of you, alot of the keys are self explanatory, pressing the "A" button lets you write "A" on the computer, this continues for all the other letters and numbers, one you may not know if the large bar located at the bottom left of the keyboard, This is how you add spaces to your typing, for example pressing the "H" key follow by the "I" key will type "Hi" but in order to not keep adding letters to this word you need to press the space bar to add a space before your next word.

In order to type capital letters you can pres one of two buttons, you can hold the shift key that is located at the far left of the keyboard followed by pressing a letter, so the combination shift "a'' will produce a capital ''A'' on the computer. if you wish to type a series of letters in capital letters then press the Caps lock key, this is always located above the left shift key that you just used when pressed depending on the keyboard till have a small light on it that turns on when active, or will have a light in the top right with either the label "caps lock" or "c" to indicate if the light is on your letters will be capital letters.

Finally we have a number of special characters we can get to by holding the shift key and then pressing the 1-0 number keys at the top of the keyboard located just above the letters, do not confuse these with the keys labeled F1-F12, as we wont be focusing on them in this lesson, take a look under the numbers you'll see a second icon printed on the keyboard these include the "$" Dollar symbol, "@" Att symbol to just name a couple, you can type any of these secondary symbols by holding the left shift key and pressing the corresponding key .

PC Keyboard PNG image

The Computer Mouse

Unlike a keyboard most mice only have 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, the left click selects a file, folder or button on the screen, whilst pressing the right click or right hand button on the mouse provides you with a quick menu providing you options for the file, folder or button you just right clicked on, this is useful if you want to rename a file on your computer, simply hover over it and press the right click button, you'll then see a number of options pop up, rename will be one of them.

The left click button is your primary interact or go button, this will allow you to click button on the screen, if you want to open a folder on your computer, hover over it and double click the left mouse button to open it, the same apply for photos or any files you have. To scroll up and down a document or web page, use the scroll wheel that is located between the left and right mouse buttons at the front of the mouse, you will see the text roll up or down the screen depending on which way you scroll the wheel, it works in both directions.

Finally to move the mouse around the screen place your hand gently on it with 2 fingers on the left and right mouse button and pull the mouse towards you, you'll see a small white arrow on the screen move down, moving the mouse forward or left or right will reflect the movement on the mouse point on the screen, try moving the mouse with our hand and watch the mouse pointer arrow move with you.

USB LED Optical Scroll Wheel Mini Mouse For PC Laptop ...

Congratulations you now know how to use a mouse and keyboard on a desktop computer, head to the next document to learn the basics of using the windows operating system.

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