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Security software that helps protect your computer from viruses spread online


App is short for application. These are programs that you can download onto a smartphone or tablet computer to help you do things. For example you could download your bank’s app to help you bank online


A file which has been sent with an email. This could be almost any type of document



Bookmarking a website allows you to easily save it so that you can return to it later, just like using a bookmark in a book.


This is usually used to describe a high speed connection to the internet


Something that allows you to view websites on the internet. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are two examples of internet browsers.



The cursor is an arrow or flashing line on the screen that moves when you move the mouse or type something. Also refereed to as a mouse pointer.


Desktop computer

A computer that (unlike a laptop or tablet computer) is not intended to be a portable device, but is intended to be used in a single location, usually on or near a desk. It might have a separate keyboard, monitor and mouse.


If you use a computer to create a letter or , that would be known as a document, just like the offline equivalent.


To get a file onto your computer from a website.

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